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Seizure Management - Lepsilyte

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Buck Mountain Botanicals Lepsilyte for animals is formulated from extracts of skullcap and valerian, which together can significantly and naturally reduce the frequency and severity of seizures.

It can safely and gently calm nerves without inducing an altered state.

Commonly, the substances phenobarbital and/or potassium bromide are routinely used to treat seizures. They are both toxic in therapeutic dose concentrations and are specifically very hard on the liver.

Lepsilyte provides a non-toxic, holistic and extremely effective alternative which will not compromise the liver.

If you require additional Liver Detox Medication, try our Milk Thistle.

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For centuries herbalists have recognized skullcap as one of the most effective herbal nervines. A flavonoid compound found in skullcap is thought to be responsible for its sedative and antispasmodic properties. Valerian is an effective herbal sedative that works to safely and gently calm the nerves without inducing an altered state such as that which may be experienced with a prescription drug.

Unlike the dog seizure medication phenobarital or zonisamide medicine, in therapeutic doses, Buck Mountain Lepsilyte is non-toxic to the liver.

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