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Parasite Dust Powder

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Nearly all insects are immediately disabled and die after contact with Buck Mountain Parasite Dust for animals.

A combination of neem, yarrow and diatom flour makes a fine parasiticide for use on animals, in the stable, home, office, clinic and garden.

Lice, mite, tick, (etc) infestations result in dermatitis of one degree or another. Yarrow is very healing and can act as a mild repellent to some insects.

Diatom flour, an active principle in our product, cuts the exoskeleton of many bugs (ants, beetles, etc) causing them to dehydrate and die. Even engorged ticks will fall away after a day and a half.

The combination of these herbs also have a disinfectant and healing property for lesions and irritation resulting from infestation.

Before buying or using our herbal products, please read the conditions regarding Buck Mountain Botanicals.

Not only does the dust rid mammals of parasites, but using 1-2 tsp in a line (about the height and width of a pencil) on the window sill or baseboards will eliminate flies, ants, beetles and other bugs in the home and office. It is safe for used in the garden as well.

  • To apply Much Mountain Parasite Dust, simply sprinkle from head to tailalong the spine, around the neck and around the rear end.
  • Run your handfrom rear to front, against the way the fur lies, applying a small amount to the skin as it becomes visible.
  • Brush against the fur, rubbing briskly and lightly tobring the dust into contact with the skin.

One teaspoon full is plenty for a dog, use less for a cat. Feel free to sprinkle some on the belly and legs if needed. If you can see the dust once it’s brushed in, you’re using too much!

Application of the dust should be done under dry conditions. Reapply after the animal dries off after a swim, rain or bath. It lasts a very long time until washed away.

For continued protection, apply every few weeks.

The pet’s bed, kennel, household carpeting and surroundings may be sprinkled and brushed in with the dust as well.

Components in the product degenerate in direct light, thus on window sills and on hairless skin, reapply ever 5-7 days or so.

There are no known side effects, but common sense says to avoid a cloud that could be inhaled, and keep out of eyes, nose and mouth for the comfort of the animal.

Additional Parasite Dust Information